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The Pontifex Consulting Group offers a wide variety of compensation and human resources consulting services aimed at our clients specific needs.  Whether you have a specific scope of work or just a general idea in mind, our team can provide you with guidance on how to get to your desired destination.

Examples of services that we provide:

Salary Surveys/Market/Wage Structure Analysis

Whether it is one job or fifty, we can provide relevant labor market data for your organization. All data is derived from reliable, statistically sound sources, or obtained through custom surveys that are designed, disseminated and analyzed by us. We can tell you where your job(s) are in comparison to the relevant labor market in terms of direct and indirect compensation.


Compensation Plan Design

We can design a plan for an occupational group or an entire organization that will identify appropriate, competitive pay levels, compensation components and program delivery that will best match your organizational pay strategy and your employee’s needs. This will allow your organization to be an “employer of choice” for premier talent.


Benefits Plan Design

We can design a benefits plan that will compliment your employee’s compensation package and allow you to attract and retain desired talent in a manner that is efficient and effective.


Incentive Compensation Plan Design

We can design individual and team incentive programs that will raise productivity, increase revenue and enhance the earnings of employees. We are careful to counsel you on the advantages and disadvantages of incentive systems and which ones will work best to match your culture and your needs.


Performance Evaluation System Design

Our performance evaluation systems ensure that there is communication and involvement by both the supervisor and employee. A properly constructed system will involve extensive involvement by all parties in the development of its elements as well as training of supervisors on its effective use. We work closely with you to identify your strategic objectives and how to properly measure and communicate performance.


Employee Handbooks

We can design handbooks for any need in an easy-to-read format with language that is clearly understood.


Compensation and Benefits Plan Audits

We can audit your plans to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Our audits will provide you with the basis to improve/re-direct your efforts so your organization can recruit and retain key talent.


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Audits

We can provide you with detailed analysis of one job or one thousand. Our analysis will look into every aspect of your specific circumstances, Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and interpretations and case law. When we give you an exemption determination, we will provide appropriate documentation to assist you in case of a DOL audit.


Workshops and Training Sessions

We have provided training sessions on performance management, compensation practices and global HR for professional groups and associations. We would be happy to design a course for your managers, administrators or employees on a variety of human resources areas.

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